Łukasz Szywała has been performing trickshots for more than 15 years. His billiard trickshots are presented in magazines and industry books. Many years of experience and high billiards skills as well as interpersonal skills allowed him to prepare an amazing and unique billiard show. During the billiards show you will see the most spectacular and amazing billiards tricks.

His skills were presented in several countries around the world. Like in Bahrain (during Formula 1 races, USA / Las Vegas in the biggest Casinos, Russia, China, Canada as well as in Poland.
  • Participants take an active part in the show
  • Billiard workshops (learning rules , basics)
  • Customer products / gadgets as the part of trickshots
  • Multimedia / camcorder, screen, tv – for bigger groups
  • Possible show with hostess
  • Souvenir gadgets for participants
  • Show in English